On-Site IP Phone Systems

Half your communications bills with our innovative On-site IP Phone systems.

On-Site IP Phone Systems

A.G Cloud Communications offers clients a comprehensive range of on-site IP phone systems.

We supply Yealink's suite of professional IP handsets and IP Phone sets.

Yealink's remains the market leader in on-site phone technology. Their On-Site IP systems are designed to fulfil the various communications requirements of all sized businesses.

Their lean, innovative and fully scalable systems, unifies a company’s communication channels.

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IP Phone Systems




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On-Site IP Phone System Dublin

In the modern world, business communication needs to be mobile, lean and most importantly allow for remote working from anywhere. Our fully cloud based on-site IP Phone System allows a business to expand its communication network.
Our range of plans means a business’s employees can stay connected to their team and customers no matter where they are. Best of all, our various systems take advantage of high-speed internet and are cost-effective and future-proofed. Our IP phone systems can expand and grow according to the needs of your business.

The advantages of Hosted Phone Systems

In Europe, under EU legislation all national operators will phase out copper provided telephone lines by December 2025.  Therefore every business needs to update their communication system to a hosted network as soon as possible. VoIP systems are cost-effective, flexible and able to grow alongside your evolving communication requirements.

The Advantages Include:

  • Unique ability to receive and make work calls on any device including on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.
  • Easy to uses add and remove phone number feature. If you’re updating your phone system, you can keep all of your current numbers. Eliminating the need to update documentation or business advertising.
  • Connect all your employees no matter where they are
  • Always available to clients whether in the office, on a business trip or working remotely.
  • Fully compatible with a range of other business solutions like Salesforce, Microsoft teams, etc.
  • Built-in features make call management easier than ever

Frequently Asked Questions

Customers who install on-site IP Phone Systems will benefit from the lost cost of calls, versatile features, efficient client interaction and increased reliability.
We would advise customers to look through our online brochures to gain a greater understanding of each system’s capabilities. Please get in touch with us directly to learn more about pricing.