SIP Trunking

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SIP Trunking

From our offices in Dubin, A.G Cloud Communications offers small to medium-sized businesses the benefits of SIP Trunking systems.
Harness the full potential of high-speed internet and make significant savings on your communication costs by switching from a primary rate interface (PRI) system to a leaner more dynamic and much more cost-effective SIP Trunk. The SIP Trunking solutions supplied by A.G Cloud Communications can be fully customised to the unique needs of your business. Pay for the channels your company needs, while still allowing the system to scale alongside the changing needs of your business.

Connect your office and remote workers like never before with a SIP Trunk solution from A.G Cloud Communications.
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SIP Trunking VS PRI


SIP Trunking allows for easy scaling. Increases and decreases in channels can be easily implemented according to the changing needs of the client’s business.


SIP Trunk solutions can be integrated with multi-media communications systems. This flexible system can unite a business’s communications like never before.

Stability and Availability

SIP Trunking is extremely scalable and comes as standard with fail-safes that switch to mobile networks in case of a Wi-Fi outage.


SIP Trunking eliminates the need for expensive line retail, making it one of the most cost-effective communication systems available.

More Information on SIP Trunking

Interested in more information on SIP Trunking? We recommend checking out our SIP trucking blog where we discuss SIP Trunking in greater detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

SIP means Session Initiation Protocol. SIP works with Voice over Internet Protocol technology – also known as VoIP. When a client is sending or receiving voice calls, data or video files, they are transmitted through one SIP trunk line opposed to several traditional lines.
A Primary Rate Interface (PRI) is a physical line or circuit that delivers multiple lines of voice and data into a business’ existing phone system. A PRI system is considered “old-school” telephony.
Unify your business’s communications and save money with SIP Trunking. Schedule a consultation with A.G Cloud Communications today.